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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the players and fans, and president obama. it's likely the real refs will get a standing ovation when they return to the field tomorrow night. >> good evening, raj. the nfl referees, as you mentioned, the lockout is officially over, the league and nfl referee's association reached an agreement late tonight and the officials are prepared to return to work immediately. both sides met today and yesterday to negotiate a new contract. those meetings were spurred by a blown call that cost the green bay packers a victory against the seahawks on monday night football. a lockout lasted for nearly four months. san jose mercury news mark birdie has more. >> i would bet there was pressure from nfl sponsors, the people who sponsor those telecasts. that's where they make their money. those sponsors don't like to sponsor a product that people
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are feeling is not correct. and not right, and is annoying them, frankly. >> hopefully football is back to normal. by the way, coming up in 15 minutes. indepth highlights. plus melky cabrera. back to you. >> it should be noted the nfl office in new york, received more than 70,000 phone calls in protest in the past 48 hours. late tonight, nfl commissioner roger goodell released this statement, i want to give a special thanks to nfl fans for their passion. now, it's time to put the focus back on the teams and players where it belongs. >> well, she got justice once, now she's taking it again for others. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us with more. we heard her story before, but now she's going back into the deep so she can pull others out
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too? >> that's right. here's a copy of the civil suit that she filed here just yesterday. it was filed here at the contra costa superior court in martinez. in it, it claims that an entire school district was hiding sexual abuse. >> to me, it's like everything could have been stopped right then and there with that one letter. >> the letter kristen kanaan is talking about is a letter she claims remained hidden in a file at the school district for nearly 20 years. >> i'm writing to inform the administration of an incident that occurred in june of 1990. >> reporter: this letter is dated june 1994 and was allegedly sent to the school principal by an 18-year-old girl. in it, the woman documents alleged sexual abuse by a science teacher at joaquin middle school. >> on this day in june, however, when we arrived at my house, he stopped the car, kissed me on the mouth and placed his hand on
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my chest and inside my shirt. >> reporter: kristen was raped and stalked by her p.e. teacher in the mid '90s, who is now serving an eight-year sentence for the crime. she claims she was also touched inappropriately by the same teacher mentioned in the letter. when kristen discovered the letter, she decided to file the civil suit against the district for not protecting her and other children. >> i read that letter the girl wrote and nothing happened. i'm sure she knows he went on to molest other kids and rape other kids and eventually he killed himself, and how much pain she must have felt from that. >> kristen is now married and an assistant swim coach at cal. she says coming forward publicly with her story of abuse is tough. but hopes it sends a message to the school district. >> i hope that it sends a
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message, especially to the kids at the school and other schools, that if something bad's happening to you and you say something. that someone will do something for you. >> i did call two of the defendants in this case, they could not be reached for comment. but i did get a message from the current superintendent. he said he could not comment on a case that is currently in litigation. live in martinez, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you very much, cheryl. new tonight at 11:00, the tense situation ended peacefully in the south bay. san jose police say a man walked into a law office tonight armed with a handgun. one woman was inside when the man entered the kramer and bucknell law office on taylor street near alameda. he appeared distraught. the woman was able to text someone about what was going on and that person who she texted called 911. officers arrived and surrounded the building, the woman was
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allowed to leave the office. a few minutes later the man surrendered to police. >> i don't think anybody would feel threatened if they saw someone acting erratically in front of them. sweating profusely, pacing back and forth and breathing heavily. that's behavior that cries out for investigation. >> the woman says she did recognize the man as someone who had been there before. the 11-year-old boy shot last week when a barrage of bullets pierced his family's home walked back into that very house this afternoon. he spent the last six days in the hospital and still has a lot of healing ahead of him. not only physical healing, but emotional too. >> that's right, jessica. luis hernandez has some physical therapy ahead of him, it's unclear when he'll be well enough emotionally and physically to return to school. he says right now he's really just focused on regaining his strength. >> 11-year-old luis hernandez is
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back at home after spending nearly a week at children's hospital. >> i'm still healing. >> hernandez was asleep at his home when it was riddled with gunfire. >> i was sleeping, and then i felt this hard thing that really burned. and then i woke up and i saw a bullet hole on the wall, and i realized that i was bleeding and i thought i got shot. and it was really two. >> the family's home was the only one fired upon. >> i just heard gunshots, a lot of gunshots. >> hernandez lives there with his parents, grandmother, four siblings and an uncle. he's happy to be back with his family, he doesn't like the reminders of what happened there. >> i don't like to sleep in my room no more because of the bullet holes. >> they don't know of anyone who would want to hurt their family, but they aren't taking any more chances. the family is planning to move
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as soon as they can afford to. >> looking for someone else to move. because nobody feels comfortable here any more. >> reporter: police have not made any arrests in the case, they're falling all leads and police are asking for the public's help to come forward if they have any information about the shooting. live in oakland kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> no one should have to live like that, thank you, kimberly. too little too late from a grieving mother and wife whose daughter was killed by a teenaged driver. he was going over 70 miles an hour in a 45 mile an hour zone when he struck and killed a 41-year-old and 9-year-old daughter back in april. the widow spoke to us outside of court this morning. >> everybody's a parent, everybody's a wife, a sister, a
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brother. put yourself in my shoes, and tell me, how would you feel. that's how i feel. >> the teenager's attorney insisted he is extremely remorseful and has been undergoing therapy to help him deal with what he's done. he'll be sentenced october 22nd and faces up to 7 years behind bars. because he's a juvenile, he can only be held until he turns 21. more needs to be done to protect the public's safety. that's the message from two east bay lawmakers calling for a state hearing on last month's richmond refinery fire. they want to know what steps government agencies are taking to prevent incidents like that massive refinery fire from happening again. >> it's our rule to ensure that the different regulations we have in legislation that are in place have they been enforced. has the company been complying, do we have adequate tools for enforcement? are there things that come to light that indicate that we need to make some adjustments?
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is there new legislation needed. people want to feel that they're safe. >> chevron is issuing an industry alert about the corrosion in the pipe that caused the blaze. the plant manager has revealed the pipe was manufactured with a low level of silicon. allowing the metal to corrode faster than expected. thousands of circuit breakers in the bay area have a dangerous flaw. >> our chief investigate has the results. a restaurant opening tomorrow is raising eyebrows about what's on its menu. it has some people horrified. cool in the south bay, with numbers dropping into the mid-50s. what will this mean for your morning hours? temperatures expected in the mid to upper 50s. and even a few 90s, we'll let you know when we could get close
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[ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. they are critical of the safety of our homes, and they're designed to prevent fires not cause them. the investigative unit has uncovered problems with circuit breakers in thousands of bay area homes. >> tony co kovaleski is here wi the latest. >> this circuit breaker has a long history of failing. for decades, the consumer product safety commission has known about the problems, but there's been no recall.
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>> it lit up cherry red. >> he's a master electrician. >> it lit up like the gates of hell. it could have killed me. >> remembering a morning back in 1979 working a crawl space under a bay area house. >> i had to roll and approach that panel on my hands and knees to shut off -- it was spitting fire in my face. >> he blames a faulty circuit break breaker. >> i've seen so many fires, so many places burned by these panels. it frightens me, every time i see it over and over again. >> circuit breakers are designed to prevent fires. when working properly they stop the flow of electricity following excessive demand or a short circuit. today a federal circuit breaker is in millions of homes nationwide, including hundreds of thousands of bay area houses. they're most commonly found in homes built before 1990.
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>> the breaker is a safety device that's supposed to prevent fires. if it doesn't work as it's required you get an increased risk of fire. >> jesse is an expert on federal circuit breakers. he's an engineer, he spent more than 20 years researching the problem and he's testified in lawsuits against the now defunct company. >> there's no inconsistency and no dispute as to the fact that they're defective. >> tests by the consumer product safety commission and a number of other credible labs all prove federal pacific breakers are not reliable. >> this is a federal pacific breaker? >> how does it fail? watch closely. we had a federal pacific circuit breaker tested at this lab in berkeley. >> we started -- >> it's a 60 amp breaker. the same as you find in many homes. we doubled the current rated the handle, that means it should trip in less than two minutes. >> we're at 1:10 now, and
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there's smoke coming out of the breaker. there's definite smoke coming out. >> the lab cutaway some of the plastic siding so you can have a closer look. the change will not alter the functionality of the breaker. >> we're almost four minutes in, it's smoking and it hasn't tripped. why not? >> because the mechanical mechanism that is supposed to be tripping the breaker is stuck. >> it raises many questions. how can a circuit breaker pass federal inspections and receive this ul stamp of approval. and how did a known defective product get into millions of homes. >> they were cheating on the testing and applying the label to a product that was defective and did not meet the requirements. >> an accusation of cheating that is supported by this
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document obtained by nbc bay area. it's a 1982 sec filing from the company that purchased federal pacific. look closely, it reads, ul listings on circuit breakers made by federal pacific have previously been obtained through the use of deceptive or improper practices. according to this respective expert, federal pacific tricked government inspectors by using a hidden remote control to force the breaker to trip. if it was not tripping properly. >> they represent the abnormal hazard, this would be replaced. >> reporter: take a look at this internal document we received from bay area transit, it reads, there have been too many instances of failures with the old federal pacific electric secondary distribution panels. and he goes on to say, failure of this old equipment has caused delays to bart train service and created potentially unsafe
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conditions. bart replaced the federal pacific equipment. >> take all the breakers out of it, the wires over here, new breakers. that's the story. >> this homeowner also decided to remove federal pacific from his home's electrical system, removing the risk from his east bay home. >> i know it's going to be safer. the panel has quite a reputation. >> this breaker is so hot that it's smoking. it will not trip. >> you cannot run the risk of having breakers that might malfunction. >> the consumer product safety commission tested the products back in the '80s and legal challenges followed. some believe the cpsc did not have the budget for that legal fight. we spoke with a bay area attorney representing the defunct company.
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this is interesting, failure to replace circuit breakers are responsible for 2,000 fires each year. >> how do i figure out if they're the federal pacific circuit breakers. >> generally you can tell if it has this unique orange front at the very beginning. also, it will have a lock and label. we have put together a video demonstrating with an expert to take you through step by step to see if you have a breaker like this in your home. you can find it at our website at something to take a close look at. many, many homes in the bay area will have these inside. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send us an
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e-mail directly to we had plenty september sizzle for today. temperatures above average. not record setting. livermore topping out at 87. 103 in 2009. we tipped over those charts there. however, as we head up into this upcoming weekend, we're looking at mid-90s coming our way. that will be close to record setting. that's also going to decrease that air quality quite a bit, going to moderate and unhealthy levels. let's bring outside of the sky camera network tonight. we have the fog here in san francisco. the thing i was noticing earlier, the fog is it starting to get compromised down at the surface. it's a sign of high pressure starting to build in. you can see high pressure building offshore. not only the hot air with it, but here's the other key component with it. we have slight offshore winds we
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expect with this. that will warm us up back in the east bay and south bay, we'll see a few 70s on the coastline all the way down to pacifica. and the interior valleys, anywhere from 80s to 90s. friday will get a little hotter for us, this weekend will be the hottest. at least in the next 7-day forecast. let's get you thursday's forecast. if you're up early doing any kind of commuting, the fog will be here for the south bay. it looks to burn off quicker by 1:00 p.m. we're expecting a decent amount of sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures will be increasing a bit. let's start with 46 in santa rosa, 45 in napa. for tomorrow, we've been talking about all of the heat. it's not going to be entirely too hot or unbearable for thursday. we'll go some low to mid-80s in san jose. palo alto 79. the east bay is expected to get
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near that 90 degree category, especially in livermore. and then 70s back by the bay. for san francisco, 73. 73 in richmond, 75 in berkeley. you may be asking yourselves, 79 in berkeley, when is it going to get hot for us? mid-70s on the coastline. and then, not done yet. we could get a little hotter as we head through sunday. that's when we could get close to some triple digit heat. take a look at this. a wild ride. by wednesday, we were looking at temperatures starts to cool off as we head through next wednesday. low to mid-80s, showers near, and the confidence is up right now. what we call the gfs forecasting model. you may get some showers by next thursday and friday 37. >> bring it on, jeff. >> i'm trying. >> thank you. coming up, a taste of eastern europe not sitting well with new yorkers. see what will be on a restaurant's menu that has
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still missing and the feds are still looking. a new chapter tonight in the search for the body of jimmy hoffa. the fbi and police in michigan are looking into the possibility that hoffa's body is buried in the backyard of this home near detroit. police say they received a tip from a man who says he saw men bury a body just hours after hoffa went missing back in 1975. the union boss was last scene outside a suburban detroit restaurant where he was supposed to meet with a new jersey boss and member of the mob. in the united states it raises a lot of eyebrows, horse meat, now it will be served in a restaurant in new york. coming soon to this restaurant in queens. there's going to be horse meat on the menu. it's fairly common in parts of
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europe and some asian countries it's considered a delicacy. horse meat won't be on the opening day menu, but plans to own it soon. it's illegal for restaurants in california to serve horse meat. let's turn it over to henry wofford in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. >> let's stop horsing around. we have some sports to talk about, coming up in sports, some a's in action, why oakland is feeling better about its playoff chances. melky cabrera will signpost season games. just like you and me on tv. the story next from the xfinity sports desk.
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welcome back it appears the milkman won't get another chance to deliver in san francisco.
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today andrew baggelley broke the story. melky cabrera will not be on the postseason roster. the team will have an official announcement tomorrow. we'll keep you updated. buster posey making his case for the mvp. bottom of the third, giants up 1-0. angel pagan has mad speed. he scores, 2-0 san francisco. bottom of the fifth, what about matt cain? doing damage with the bat. grounder to short. infield single, hunter pence scores. giants go on to win 6-0. brandon bell has his teammates back. tell us why you know who is the mvp? >> you know it's huge. it's huge for him personally. you can't say enough about what he's done for us over the last year, especially in the second half. he's done so much for the team, and he's the reason we're in the position we are right now. he should be the mvp of the league, we'll see. >> all right.
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great job supporting his teammate buster posey. a's and rangers, josh hamilton, what are you thinking? ball goes under his glove. garner and moss score. oakland to the third inning we go. bases loaded, steven drew singles to center, donaldson and josh redick will score this time to make it 7-3. magic number for a playoff spot is 6. what about the san francisco 49ers. they're eager to prove their loss to the minnesota vikings. the red and gold have spent the week in youngstown, ohio preparing their bodies for sunday's showdown against the jets. jim harbaugh says his men are ready for action. >> we're going to come off a lot, get back to work, and make sure it doesn't happen again. that's the mind-set we have. we have every day.
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we're working that mind-set, in preparation for the game on sunday. raider news before we get out of here, three sacks in three games is not going to cut it in oakland. the raiders signed andre carter. the former cal bear had ten sacks for the patriots last season, he tore his left quadriceps late in the year. now, the 11-year veteran played five seasons with the san francisco 49ers as well. that will do it for sports tonight. raj and jessica back right after the break.
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how's this, an underwater adventure without getting wet. >> google's at it again. they provide these hd panoramic images of the coral reefs. you see a manner ray go by you
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too. a collection of photos includes coral reefs in australia and hawaii, and is available for free through the google maps preview feature. >> looks very cool. >> thanks for joining us tonight. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. >> good night. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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